Monday, November 22, 2010

Girma Wake of Ethiopian Airlines honored for saving Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines

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CEO Girma Wake honored at Boeing 777 Delivery Dinner. Seattle, WA. Nov 20, 2010.
Boeing Co. honored the outgoing Ethiopian Airlines CEO Girma Wake at the 777-200LR delivery dinner held in Seattle, WA.

The dinner event was organized by Boeing Co. to celebrate the deliv- ery of its 900th 777 to the first and only African airlines.

Boeing recognized Mr. Wake for four decade of service in the avia- tion industry and for building and maintaining a mutually beneficial business relationship between Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines.

Boeing marketing vice president thanked Ethiopian Airlines for or- dering five 777 in 2009 when Boeing was considering closing produc- tion line due to the downturn in the world economy.
Ethiopian Airlines Board Chairman His Excellency Seyum Mesfin thanked Ato Girma for his dedicated service at Ethiopian Airlines. Ato Seyum said that while he discussed with over a hundred people for the Ethiopian CEO position almost all included Ato Girma in their recommendation as the person who could turn the declining air- lines around.

Ato Seyum appreciated Ato Girma for his sacrifice, dedication and commitment to serve his country.

Ato Girma left his lucrative employment with Gulf Air where he earned over eight thousand US Dollars a month to work at Ethiopia airlines earning less than five hundred dollars a month. The only benefit package he got was a company car.

Ato Girma successfully turned Ethiopia around. He is now leaving it behind as one of the most successful airlines in the world. He has also recruited a new generation of leaders that are ready to take the airlines to new heights.

Ato Girma described Boeing 777-200LR as a beautiful airplane capable of flying non-stop for 18 hours. The first of five delivery of 777-200LR is going to allow Ethiopian to fly non-stop from Addis Ababa to Washing- ton DC or to Beijing while carrying additional 100 passengers.
The event was attended by many Ethiopians living in Seattle. It was a delightful experience for attendees to hear Ethiopia mentioned in positive light.

Over 150 Ethiopians work at Boeing in different capacity and some of whom had participated in building the Ethiopian 777-200LR. At Girrma reminded Ethiopians to help build airplanes that are suitable to the unique Ethiopian conditions and to serve as a human bond between Ethiopia and United States.

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