Thursday, September 02, 2010

Visiting National Hurricane Center as Earl Approaches, Laborday 2010

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Current storm watch information
Maps and information from the National Hurricane Center.
Preparations you should take if you are in the path of a tropical storm or hurricane.

Recovery Information
Information for communities recovering from hurricanes.
Learn what to do
Before a hurricane
During an evacuation
During a hurricane
After a hurricane
Mitigate hurricane damages
Learn what ideas, activities/projects and funding sources people like you used to help reduce or prevent the impacts of hurricanes and tropical storms.
Be Prepared for 2010
Hurricane Preparedness from (PDF 27KB, TXT 6KB)
The Disaster Declaration Process (PDF 278KB, TXT 6KB)
Hurricane Season and Flooding (PDF 278KB, TXT 4KB)
Inland Flooding (PDF 30KB, TXT 4KB)
Preparing for Your Pets (PDF 30KB, TXT 7KB)
Use of Social Media Tools (PDF 106KB, TXT 12KB)
Additional Resources
Citizen Corps
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Hurricane Preparedness Week
NOAA's National Weather Service
Learn about hurricanes
What is a hurricane?
How are the hurricane categories determined?
How are hurricanes named?
Hurricane terms
Planning in Your State & Community
Mitigation Planning
Levee Information
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