Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Dear friends:

I own all the three versions of G, 3G and 3GS Iphones for my home, cell and business connections.

Naturally, I am very invested in the Iphone enterprise and would want to ensure its connectivity and future developments

This hackers and jailbreakers should not be allowed to mess up my tranquil world. However, the question is this a monopoly protectionism venture killing competition the mother of invention or just an issue of the bottom lines.

Watch this space as the terrorist and drug dealers that includes the physicians nowadays could come up with all sorts of tricks to tarnish our tranquil life with iPhones.

Let us watch the space.

Dr B

Jailbreaking Iphones could trigger Apocalypse

Sky falling claims Apple
By Stewart Meagher

Thursday, 30 July 2009, 12:58

APPLE IS CONTINUING in its efforts to make jailbreaking its precious handsets illegal by spouting all sorts of nonsense about the untold damage which could be done if hackers are allowed to circumvent the Iphone's locked-down operating system.

The men in grey suits at the Cupertino Campus have even gone so far as to suggest that dastardly drug dealers will take full advantage of the unlocked device and turn all of our children into crack-addled dropouts.
Quite how making hacked handsets illegal would stop drug dealers – a social group not generally known for their law-abiding qualities – from carrying out their business is beyond us.

It's actually quite a surprise that Apple hasn't played the terrorist card in its running legal game of cat and mouse with the Electronic Frontier Federation, an organisation which battles big corporations for consumer rights.
The EFF claims that current hacks like pwnage, developed by a group of 'hobbyists' known as the Iphone Dev Team, do not contravene current DCMA rulings and that users should be able to use their phone on whichever network and install whatever software they like. Apple, which takes a 30 per cent cut of all software revenues, and a nice chunk from every airtime contract, not surprisingly, disagrees.

Apple is also claiming that hacking the handset's exclusive chip identification (ECID) could cause chaos by allowing multiple handsets to operate with the same identity. These deadly dopplegangers could, according to Apple, confuse mobile communications cells to the point that they will shut down, leading to the kind of post-apocalyptic communications nightmare frequently seen in Hollywood movies.

We're not certain how teenage girls not being able to text each other about their new boyfriend/shoes/dental work will adversely impact society as we know it, but maybe Steve Jobs knows something we don't.

However, this also raises the question of why the ECID is open to hacking at all, even on a phone which has undergone some nefarious jiggery pokery. That would be like hackers being able to spoof the MAC ID of a network interface card which, as far as we can tell, can't be done. If the Iphone ECID can be spoofed by software, then that's a serious design flaw in the handset.

Maybe that's why Apple is so keen to stop undesirables poking about in the innards of its ubiquitous cash cow. Meanwhile, the EFF maintains that the only change made to the Iphone's system by the most popular jailbreaking method is to circumvent the way the boot ROM checks the digital signature of an application, and that the only thing that hurts is Apple's monopoly, and consequently its bottom line. ยต

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