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Millennial Opportunities: Improving the Image and future of Ethiopia
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Dear Desta and Colleagues:

Re: Educating the protagonists and antagonists on Ethiopian Millennium with Facts

I agree with almost every body, we need to be proactive and pre-emptive too!

We need to write a series of response and letters in time to all the onslaught by Egyptians, Turkish, Eritrean, Somali and Ted Dagne and Co at US Congress, etc.

We have to design a mechanism where our efforts will bear fruit by ensuring that the letters are drafted here and then circulated amongst us first to get the facts and contents as close to the facts as possible, then responding in time to all the false allegations

Ethiopia deserves respect and improving coverage with the international media, cyber world and all Diaspora networks

with regards

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
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From: Desta Berhe
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Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 11:58:54 AM
Subject: RE: [EPRDF-Supporters- Forum] "EPRDF is not a spirit! It is a man made political party!" - Unknown

Greetings Yagere Sewotch

I am glad to know my initiation bear fruit. I am certain that we will make history. We have got the opportunity to give boundless service to our country by supporting EPRDF. We will also have the opportunity to know a lot beyond our specialty. I invite you to envision what you can do with your fellow Ethiopians in addition to supporting EPRDF, a lot more.

Let us keep our confidence as high as our capacities.

Desta Berhe

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m.ayalew@surrey. wrote:
Let me start by saying some things about myself. My name is Mulugeta.

I was born in Gondar and attended primary, secondary and high schools both in Addis Ababa and Gondar. I am doing PhD in law in England.

I support EPRDF because I believe in many of its policies: land policy, rural development policy, its position on the current federal state structure are few of the policies that I believe are for the good of the peoples of Ethiopia.

I believe that these could also be imitated or adapted by other African countries to develop a workable democratic system. I do not believe in 'one size fits all argument'. that is why I do not want to evaluate the current state and government structure of Ethiopia with American or British benchmarks. American benchmarks of democracy and rule of law should be used to evaluate American democracy.

Ethiopian democracy should be evaluated only by Ethiopian benchmarks. one thing is for certain (or I think so): that western models of democracy cannot be imposed without modifications on Ethiopia. and the policies of EPRDF constitute such necessary modifications that enable democracy to have strong foundations in the country.

We can just take one example: education. the core of democracy is the freedom of citizens to make an informed and free choice about their life. making an informed choice requires among other things having universal access to education and an impartial source of information about different alternatives. without education and reliable access to information, people's choice is bound to be dictated by prejudice and misinformation by the very few who are fortunate to be educated. therefore, I believe that the education policy of EPRDF helps to enable people to, among others, have the capacity to make an informed decisions when it comes to national and individual issues.

Though I strongly believe in these policies, I have not been active in politics for one or another reason. however, the situation recently (including the passing of a bill in the House of Representatives, US) has alarmed me to the danger of not standing for what you believe when the others have mobilized for what they believe. So I welcome this forum and I hope that we can do a great deal.

For now let me give you a link to an article. http://www.american chronicle. com/articles/ viewArticle. asp?articleID= 39964

there is this professor in, I think, Egypt, who writes all kinds of bad things about Ethiopia with a view to create a rift among the peoples of Ethiopia.

I personally feel sad and frustrated with all of his articles but I can not also help reading them. Just today a certain guy wrote an article addressed to him (open letter). Some or all of you might have already known the professor. Anyway it is good to follow what he writes every day and try to expose his mission by trying to refute his arguments, correct the factual errors he commits and so on.

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From: EPRDF-Supporters- Forum@yahoogroup on behalf of EPRDF Ethiopia
Sent: Thu 11/10/2007 11:14
To: EPRDF-Supporters- Forum@yahoogroup
Subject: [EPRDF-Supporters- Forum] "EPRDF is not a spirit! It is a man made political party!" - Unknown

"EPRDF is not a spirit! It is a man made political party!" - Unknown (maybe me)

Well, as they usually call it, "when the going gets tough, the tough EPRDF emerges as a winner"- that is what we have seen in the past, what we are witnessing today and what we will be witnessing in the future provided we took over the fight and continue the struggle for the right cause, a cause that bases the people as its basic entity, a cause that demands equality among nations and nationalities, a cause that respect diverse identity, a cause that lets people be them selves-their wishes-their creations, a cause which will succeed in the long term, a cause very difficult to see its fruits in a short time.

We have been tasting the sweetness of peace and stability and witnessed about it with our ability to learn and move at any time anywhere when ever we needed it with out the worry of being taken away to war fronts by security forces, with out the worry of being targeted by extreme elements (Abyot tebakis).

We all knew and remember the time of the Dergue; though I only have a faint memory, though I don't have bad experiences during that time, though I still have good childhood memories about that time, though I have lost many close families whom I don't know in close terms, I have learned that it was a time of sadness, a time of instability, a time of insecurity, a time of political turmoil, a time when a young was hopeless with out a future of any sort.

Thanks to EPRDF, that time of insecurity and instability has now gone for good.

Even if we were and are so thankful to those who sacrificed their life for the betterment of future generations, the success of which we are witnessing today, we haven't realized the greatness of it yet, which has its own stake to who we are today.

Though we have started benefiting from it in different ways, we have not been able to appreciate it and remember those who paid the price by blood and bullet leaving behind widows and children with out fathers and mothers.

Those who took the struggle to a new dimension to this day, though committed to do their best, though faced with hardship and poverty and struggling day and night to make a difference, though registering amazing socio-economic developments of all aspects every where in our country, they have been victims of hate, victims for doing the right thing, victims for being realistic, victims for not being fanatics, victims of hate for being so successful and by the benchmark they created, others are seen as mere hypocrites and useless at best .

EPRDF as a party is doing the donkey (or call it dirty) work of building the base at this historical time, a strong base, so controversial in many aspects that it sometimes sends stress and shiver through policy makers.

It is an open secret that EPRDF is a successful and visionary party. We all have been hearing about the various personalities and the commitments they put into it by dropping out of college in their young ages for something they believe is the right thing to do, for them and for the whole poor society they live along with.

Now sitting during this time, we all are witnessing the fruits of their struggle, though not so ripe, we can still feel the aroma that comes out of it, an aroma so intoxicating, it makes people like me who have seen the taste of freedom excited to do something more and continue the legacy of the party, it makes people who oppose it to increases their hate (be it personal or historical) on this successful party for showing them how incompetent they are.

Even though I support EPRDF policies and took their propaganda in positive light, I haven't been an active supporter like the rest of you. For the reason that I including many of you were not active, EPRDF has been under fire from all directions be it internal (aka Collection Party) or external (aka Hanna Gobeze) and the hate mongers are counting by days to take away the freedom that we are testing as we speak if not by decades.

Now it is time to repeat history not talk and brag about it. A history of keeping a legacy and not giving it away, a legacy of pride and dignity and of freedom that we inherited from King-Theodros, a legacy of brevity and astute thinking that we got from general Alula AbaNega.

Lets all help EPRDF leap frog to a new dimension by showing them our strong support and fighting the enemy word by word.

Long Live EPRDF (with its policies)
ProEprdf Administrator!
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